M17 - The Omega Nebula
Coordinates: 18h 20.9m  -16 11 (2000)
Magnitude: 6.9
Size: 46 x 37 minutes
Constellation: Sagittarius (best viewed in Summer)
Located only a few degrees from the coordinates of the galactic center, the Omega nebula is an area of active star formation. A huge cloud of hydrogen, estimated to be about 5,000 light years distant, the object's colors are mostly red from hydrogen emission and blue from reflected starlight.
A spectacular object visible through any telescope, it lies amid the dense star clouds of Sagittarius. Roaming this area with low power will reveal glowing clouds of nebulousity, dark regions, star clusters and planetary nebulae. Along with Cygnus, one of the finest areas of the sky for spectacular viewing.