Paradise 2
Billy Clark
Billy Clark put on a spectacular show on Sunday. On the left, his 5K rocket boosts on a core K1100 and four outboard K550s. On the right, his NASA (center photo) rocket boosts on a K700. Unfortunately, both rockets were destroyed.
Marvin Smith
Marvin Smith produced several spectacular photos from his scratch built photo rockets. Powered by a J180, it produced sharp photos from thousands of feet in the air. The right photo shows the county road that leads to the launch site.
Tom Montemayor
Tom Montemayor flew his 2 stage rocket, The Integral. The left photo shows the 8 foot tall rocket boosting on a J415. The right photo was taken just after the second stage motor , a J180, ignited. The spent first stage can be seen coasting upward and drifting right. It deployed a parachute at apogee.
Marlin Philyaw
Marlin Philyaw (right) from Waco, Texas with his scratch built, Level 3 rocket, "eMpirical". The Level 3 attempt was successful with the rocket reaching 9300 feet. It returned some spectacular photos from the onboard camera.
Liftoff! The Ellis Mountain M1000 ignites.
Climbing fast! The smoke trail from the long burn M motor is clearly visible. The range head and parking are also visible.
Near burnout, the entire range is visible.
Coasting toward apogee. This photo, from over 9,000 feet high, shows the county road and the entrance to the launch area.