Paradise 3 Photo Gallery
Jim Long
The launch team carries the 70 pound rocket to the pad. It sports a 3 inch core motor and the capability of up to nine 38mm outboards.
Liftoff! Jim's rocket clears the tower, boosting on an Aerotech M1315.
Jim demonstrates the strength of his launch rod. Don't try this with your Estes 1/8 inch rod!
The newest Level 3 flier in Tripoli (as of 5/15/99), Jim Long.
Mike Strang
Mike pauses for a photo-op with his Level 2 project, a PML Sudden Rush.
Liftoff! The camera preserves the date of the successful Level 2 flight. The rocket spent the night with the goats, but was recovered the next morning.
Gary Estes
After a 3 hour search, Gary "Cheerleader" Estes returns with his rocket for a successful Level One.
Gary show appropriate respect for his certifying Perfect (I mean Prefect), Tom Montemayor