Skye Dance XXXVII
It should have been called "Storm Dance"!. Conditions didn't look very good; we had a ceiling around 3000 feet, winds around 10 mph and a line of thunderstorms approaching from the west. Nevertheless, a few of us fearless rocketeers preped our low fliers and had a successful launch. The storms hit around 7 o'clock so we shut down a little early, but it was a successful launch. And the sky and lightning show from the approaching thunderstorms was fantastic! Not all the flights were photographed; click on thumbnails for larger images.
Steve Rogers' LOC Onyx had a successful flight using an H97 Blackjack.
Steve's PML Bullpup flew on an H123. The rocket suffered a minor zipper from a high speed deploy.
One of Steve's 4 flying saucer flights using an F14.
Tom Montemayor with his North Coast Archer powered by a core H128 and 2 outboard D12s. A successful flight.
Tom's "Stud Duck" was powered by a Kosdon I300. An impressive boost and safe recovery.
Pam Cook, Ed Jacoby and Jeff Cook prep Jeff's Aerobee Hi for launch.
Kosdon J450 power boosts the Aerobee to 1894 feet.
Dual barometric recovery brought it back close.
Ed Jacoby brought his 6000 ns EX motor. Unfortunately, the ceiling was too low to fly the powerful motor.
...and then the storms came...
...and we kept flying (for a little bit!)...
Tree recovery for Tom's Gemini-Titan flight. Flew great on 2 G40s.