McGregor St. Patrick's Day Launch
March 16-17, 2002
Once again, the skies over McGregor Texas were filled with high power rockets. Sponsored by the Dallas Area Rocket Society, the first annual St. Patrick's Day launch took place the weekend of March 16th and 17th, 2002. Conditions did not look good the morning of the 16th; skies were low and the wind was blowing strong out of the north. However, conditions improved rapidly and by noon we were flying under perfectly clear skies with winds dropping off to less than 10 mph for the rest of the day.
Since the weather was forecast to be poor on Sunday, I was at the launch only on Saturday. I was pretty busy prepping, launching, recovering and RSOing, but I did get a few pictures.
David Schultz's rocket on a K powered Redline.
Tom Montemayor with his Bad Attitude.
Tom's Bad Attitude boosts on a Kosdon K700.
Tom with "Stud Duck".
Stud Duck boosts on an I357.
Ed Jacoby's Nike Smoke boosts on a Kosdon K350. Made over 6000 feet.
Ed Jacoby's Nike Smoke boosts on a J275.
Brian Wheeler's "Pegasus" boosts on a L1150 Redline.